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December 1962 Popular Science Cover Print

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While this 1962 issue boldly promised a look inside the first-ever space station, the “gigantic inflated donut” portrayed in red and black against a starry sky by painter Ray Pioch never made it into orbit. Goodyear claimed its full-scale prototype in Akron, Ohio, could be a working space station by 1965. The first actual live-in lab in space, however, didn’t lift off until 1971, when the Russian Salyut 1 entered orbit. The US would follow in 1973 with Skylab, which unfortunately lacked the whimsy of this inflatable design. 

  • Cover art sourced directly from the Popular Science archive.
  • Museum-quality poster printed on premium matte paper.
  • Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • Shipped in sturdy packaging.
PopSci takes sustainability seriously. That’s why we only use FSC certified paper sourced from sustainably-managed forests. All orders are printed on-demand in the USA and Canada, drastically reducing carbon emissions and unnecessary waste.
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